• Image Processing Solutions
    A deep understanding of modern graphics pipelines and technologies provides me with a solid foundation for quickly and effectively solving design requirements, using conventional tools or by designing custom solutions.

  • Projection Mapping
    Ten years of experience applying motion graphics to sets, architecture, vehicles and landscapes, utilizing Pandora, Kineme plugins for Quartz, Christie Twist, d3, and Touch Designer.

  • Content Workflow Optimization
    My knowledge of renderering pipelines and post-production workflows means I am often consulting on project best practices for producing media, as well as devising strategies for achieving creative requirements live β€œin the box.”

  • Video Engineering
    Ten years of experience working with a broad variety of projectors, signal distribution/routing hardware, video standards and signal formats.

  • Scenic/Automation Tracking
    Extensive programming and pre-production experience on projects that require images to follow moving scenery, often in Volumetric Projection Scenarios (ie: maintaining convergence from multiple projectors tracking objects moving on 3 or more axes).

  • Control Systems Integration
    Experience in network protocol analysis (Wireshark, nmap, etc.) for integration with various black boxes, as well as familiarity with industry standard protocols (ie: ArtNet, MA-Net, sACN, OSC, MIDI, SMPTE, etc.) and the GrandMA2 Lighting Console.

  • I.A.T.S.E. ACT Card


  • Media Programming Software: Pandora's Box, d3, Watchout, Touch Designer, Notch
  • 3D Modeling/Animation: Blender and Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Renderers: Blender Internal, Cycles and Octane
  • Compositing: Adobe After Effects and Nuke
  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere
  • 2D Editing/Layout: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, Vectorworks


  • Animation: Familiarity with NLE, dopesheet and graph keyframing interfaces and related tasks.
  • 3D Modeling: Producing models from drawings, retopology, UV mapping, rigging etc.
  • Compositing: Working with render passes, blend modes, matting, masking and color grading.
  • Raster Graphics: Knows common Image acquisition and layer-based editing techniques.
  • Vector Graphics: Knows how to use curves, handles, paths and how to lay out type.


  • Programming Languages: C/C++, HLSL/GLSL, Python, Processing, C#, VB.NET
  • Noteworthy API's: Cinder, openFrameworks, PB Automation
  • Developer Tools: Visual Studio, XCode, Git
  • Operating Systems: Windows NT, OSX, Linux, OpenBSD
  • Networking: Protocol Analysis, Network Administration
  • Electronics: Safety, Soldering, Metering


  • Fluent Languages: English, German
  • Nationality: France
  • US Immigration Status: Permanent Resident
  • Driver's License: Yes
  • Interests: Music, Drums, Print, Cycling, Digital Art, Plants and Animals

Selected Work Experience


2016: Demi Lovato/Nick Jonas: FutureNow Tour [TD Video, Notch FX Programming]
2014: Electric Zoo NY [TD Video]
2014: Electric Zoo Mexico City [TD Video]
2013: Britney Spears "Piece of Me" Las Vegas [Tracking System, Programming, Projection Mapping]
2013: Electric Zoo NY Sunday School [VJ, LD, Projection Mapping]
2013: Alicia Keys: Set the World on Fire Tour [Technical Consultant, Support Programmer]
2012: Beyonce Knowles at the UN General Assembly Hall [Programming, Projection Mapping, Operator]
2010: Robin Hood Foundation Gala [Programming, Projection Mapping, Operator]
2008: Grammys [Video Support Engineer]
2008: Foo Fighters North American Tour [Staging, Support Programmer, Rack Tech]
2008: Celine Dion World Tour [Staging, Support Programmer]


2015: A Confederacy of Dunces Huntington Theater, MA [Animator, Projection Mapping, Programming]
2015: WATERFALL the Musical 5th Avenue Playhouse, WA [Tracking System, Projection Mapping, Programming]
2015: WATERFALL the Musical Pasadena Playhouse, CA [Tracking System, Projection Mapping, Programming]
2013: Julie Taymor's: A Midsummer Nights Dream TFANA, Brooklyn, NY [Projection Mapping, Programming]
2012: Newsies! the Musical Broadway [Tracking System, Projection Mapping, Programming]
2012: Carrie the Musical Lortel, West Village, NYC [Projection Mapping, Programming]
2011: Newsies! the Musical Paper Mill Playhouse, NJ [Tracking System, Projection Mapping, Programming]
2010: Women on the Verge Broadway [Automation Tracking Consultant]
2009: Memphis the Musical Broadway [Tracking System, Projection Mapping, Programming]
2008: A Fine Romance (Hollywood loves Broadway) [Programming, Projection Mapping]


2015: Nightscape Longwood Gardens, PA [Technical Consultant, Programming]
2012: 'Duality' Multimedia Installtion Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ [Programming, Projection Mapping, Shaders]
2010: Australian Pavillion: World Expo Shanghai [Tracking System, Programming, Projection Mapping]
2007: Star Trek the Tour [Programming, Projection Mapping]


2015: Red Bull: Art of the Can Philadelphia City Hall [System Design, Programming]
2015: Adobe MAX [Projection Mapping, Programming, Operator]
2015: IBM Interconnect [Projection Mapping, Programming, Operator]
2014: Adobe MAX [Tracking System, Projection Mapping, Programming, Operator]
2013: Adobe MAX [Projection Mapping, Programming, Operator]
2013: Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting [Projection Mapping, Programming, Operator]
2012-2013: Riot! League of Legends Tournament Circuit [Video Design, System Design, Programming, Operator]
2012: Intel at Consumer Electronics Show [Projection Mapping Consultant]
2011: Adobe MAX [Projection Mapping, Programming, Operator]
2010: Qualcomm Keynote at Consumer Electronics Show [Programming, Operator]
2010: Toyota Prius Interactive Tour [Programming, Interaction]
2007-2013: Scion: North American Auto Show [Programming, System Design, Projection Mapping, Interaction]